The Best 5 Steps to Exposure Blending for High Contrast Landscapes


When you are trying to find a way to high contract landscapes look good, you need to make sure that you are exposing each photograph in the right way. The five steps below are going to help to take much better pictures when you are outside. These photographs could be the basis for paintings, or they could become prints that you can put up for sale.

Use Faster Exposure

When you are taking shots outside, you do not want to make sure that you are not allowing too much light to get into the lens. These exposures need to be faster so that you do not have images that are too bright. Your best outdoor pictures need to be balanced.

Use Better Lighting

You need to make sure you have turned in the right direction to get better lighting. You may need to turn toward the sun, but you may need to turn away from the sun. You may need to stand in the shade, or you may need to come out of the shade. You need to make changes to get the lighting you want.

Use A Tripod

You cannot blend your images very well if you are not using a tripod. It is better to set up your camera in a place where it will never move. When you set up a tripod, you can make sure that the picture is just right when you are about to take the shot.

Use Your Filters

You need to make sure that you are using filters that will help you to blend your colors more effectively. The filters will help to cut back on lighting that is too strong, or you can use these filters to make the color softer. When you plan properly to use your filters, you will have much softer pictures that are beautiful.

Take Your Time

You need to be willing to spend extra time on the shoot getting just the right conditions. You may need to spend several hours in one location so that you can find the right conditions, and you must be sure that you are not settling for anything less than the best.

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