B-Glider: sliding camera shoulder strap with quick release plate

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Comfort, design, extreme flexibility of use. Definitely the best strap ever produced!
B-Gider offers the advantages of a sliding strap combined unbeatable ergonomic pressure.

B-Glider is the only strap allowing the quick release of the camera through the use of our QUICK RELEASE PLATE connected to a solid sliding element.


Swap from strap shooting to free hand shooting instantly


Fully compatible with all B-Grip accessories

B-glider is the new reference for serious photographers from amateurs to professionals

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The camera slides along the strap reaching instantly the shooting position

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The backpack connectors included in the kit allow you to attach the strap on the backpack itself, a brilliant and extremely comfortable solution for outdoor photography.

Maximum comfort a crucial need…







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Avoids the weight load on the neck typical of traditional neckstraps transferring it to the shoulder

Unbeatable safety and performance








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High load capacity up to 8 kg or 17 lbs

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High quality selected materials. Made in Italy

Customize your camera to meet your needs

B-Glider holds any camera: DSLR, Mirrorless Cameras or Bridge Caeras. B-Glider is compatible with all the “B-Grip Line” accessories including the Hand Strap HS, Tripod Adaptor TA and the Belt Holder BH, allowing you to build the most versatile and comfortable carrying system for your camera

Examples of combined use

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Detach the camera from the B-Glider and take free hands shoots with peace of mind

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Swap from B-Glider to your tripod in an instant

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Dual camera carrying system