Guide to Seascape Photography


Some of the most beautiful pictures ever taken are of seascapes. These ethereal, beautiful landscapes provide plenty of inspiration for aspiring photographers. If you’re wondering how to make the most of your next trip to the sea, try taking pictures using these tips for getting the perfect seascape photo:

Focusing on composition will help you take a wonderful photo of the sea or ocean. Instead of taking the picture straight on, you might want to consider taking a photo of the coast at an angle. Incorporating natural features, such as rocks and driftwood, can also make the photograph more interesting. If the beach is bare, without cliffs, rocks or other natural features, consider taking photos of people walking or of footprints in the sand. Incorporating these features can help make your seascape pictures more interesting.

Consider your camera’s shutter speed settings when taking photographs of the ocean. Slower speeds will blur the motion of the water, which can be an artistic decision you may wish to make. However, most photographers want to freeze the water in place. A faster shutter speed will help you capture the ocean’s waves without blurriness. Aim for a shutter speed of 1/20 or faster to adequately capture the water’s motion without blur.

Plan your seascape photography trip for the right time of day. It’s widely acknowledged that seascape photography is at its most beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Shooting into the light at these times can lead to beautiful and memorable photographs. You can also consult tide tables to find out when the tide is moving out. Shooting a wet beach offers beautiful reflections that you don’t get during harsh daylight.

Taking a trip to the beach for seascape photography is a fantastic idea for both beginners and professionals. Whether you live next to a coast and you want to use it as inspiration for your next photo shoot or you’re taking a special trip, seascape photography is a fun and often very memorable endeavor. The next time you’re taking a trip to the ocean, use these tips to take beautiful pictures you’ll treasure.

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