★★★★★ B-Grip EVO Camera Belt
By P.T.
“I have read the questions and answers for this product, and got one last week and hooked up to my D600 and D7100 with telephoto lens. I am happy with it, thinking to get another mounting plate so I can swap back and forth between two cams, you can always attach a strap from the cam. to the belt for added security. This is great, Italian made.”

★★★★★ Very useful
By Claude Wuillaume
“I use it with my Pentax camera and I find very comfortable to have the camera kept along my body, and not perpendicular to it. There is a lock that prevents any accidental fall of the camera, and a quick release system. I found more comfortable to wear the supplied belt than to attach the system on my own belt. For security reasons, I suggest that you adapt a hand strap system to the camera (I bought the B-Grip hand strap plus from the same manufacturer) because you won’t have a neck strap to keep your camera safe anymore.”

★★★★★ Like It a Lot
By Bill Hilton
“B-Grip is a quality answer to carrying an SLR on the waist for quick access and good balance. Very sturdy. Excellent product.”

★★★★★ Good stuff
By Peter P.
“The quality of this holster is good. It holds the camera well on your hip and it is a very practical solution.”

★★★★★ Belt Holster
By Basem A. A. Abosalah
“A high-quality product – gives you the confidence and motivation that the camera safely with this product we recommend for press photographers and professional photographers.”

★★★★★ My current Favorite carrying system
By Ingus
“I’ve always hated carrying my cameras on a neck strap, the strain on the neck, the constant banging of the camera to your torso as you walk, the fear that the camera can swing out and hit something… essentially, it means you have to always have one hand holding the camera. Alternatively, you can store the camera in a good camera messenger bag or a sling, and the 10 seconds it takes fiddling with the zippers and getting the camera out can mean missing out on a shot. Putting the camera back is another hassle, eventually a lot times you end up hand-holding the camera all the way.
The Evo Camera Belt is a great solution.”

★★★★★ U can close your eyes and buy this product
“I did review for this product for last 1 Month and finally i went to B&H and finally got it. Trust me…you will love it if u have one. I can tell that u can close ur eyes and trust this product. It has 2 secure lock where ur camera will be steady all the time, u can even jump with ur camera attach on this grip. Bottom line is just buy this product. Keep Clicking”

★★★★★ Great idea for photographers!
By Jimmy Hewett
“I put many miles on uneven ground into my first use of the B-Grip belt and it passed muster with ease. It was so nice to not have my camera swinging back and forth while walking and having both hands free to handle other tasks. Three days of steep stairs and hilly terrain at the new Formula 1 track in Austin Tx and not a single complaint. If you are a photographer and do alot of walking then this belt strap is for you.”

★★★★★ Easy with the B-Grip
By Herbs

“Was not sure about the B-Grip at first but now i have tryed it i can highly recommend this product. it does has it claims and holds the camrea firm and secure on your waist, the camera is then easy to remove and replace from the belt and its great being hands free when not using your camera knowing that it is safe and secure on your waist. the B-Grip works well and removes the need for a camera neck strap.
you just need to be aware of were your camera is when walking through door ways and in small tight spaces since it is easy to forget its there.”

★★★★★ very useful
By steadyeddie
“I hate lugging my DSLR with the neck strap even if i got one of those “air celled” type of neck strap
the b-grip evo is comfortable to use and is quite sturdy
the belt included has the same material as what is used on a diving weight belt (definitely tough)
it is easy to use plus it looks cool carrying the dslr like cowboy
I should have also gotten the attachment for the backpack strap.”

★★★★★ Good build, good quality materials, really nice product.
By 408Dad
“I’ve been on a quest to find a secure way to mount my Canon 5D mkII (usually attached with the kit 24-105 f/4.0 L lens) to my body with the ability to easily grab and use it while chasing after my 20 month old son! This camera and lens combo easily weigh in at a hefty 3.7 pounds. So far the B-Grip is exactly what I needed.

-light weight, and very sturdy build.
-strong belt material (almost ballistic duty webbing)
-mounting plate well constructed
-thoughtful design elements
-safety latch”

★★★★★ Love it.
By Mattzeit
“The B-grip Evo Camera Belt is awesome. It works really well, you can carry your camera very comfortably and have no fear of it possibly falling. I am a birder and I wear my binoculars around my neck, so having the camera on my hip is perfect. Releasing and re-attaching the camera is a breeze. I love it.”

★★★★★B Grip camera holster, a must buy!
By chrismike2009
“Hello Everyone,
2 years ago I started a search/research for a camera holster. Something that would be easy to use, safe while also considering my active life style such as remote travel, hiking and biking. I did not care to look like a SWAT team member, I don’t like anything hanging around my neck and I did not care for 4K set up bouncing around my waist. So when I found the B Grip I was sold on it and bought 2 of them and additional plates, the plates also fit very nice on my Manfrotto head. The product has performed very well with out any issues. But one item to note, you must every so often clean the rubber plate with alcohol, it will improve the already strong grip.

3 week ago after another short research of what is out there I bought the newest versions of the B Grip, another good design, they added more safety items to the already safe design. So far the performance is 100%. Anyone looking for camera holster should try this one, you can use it blind folded, no joke! I use 2 othem”
in my studio.”

★★★★★ HS: Great hand strap
By Steve
“I really like the grip feeling rather than the Canon hand strap. Easy access to the strap and looks nice on the camera.”


★★★★★HS Works as announced
By Claude Wuillaume
“The product fits perfectly on my Pentax and allows a safe hold to the camera. To mount the camera on a tripod requires a little tweaking, nothing very complicated, though.
I believe it is a useful (and safe) addition to the product B-GRIP EVO Camera Belt.”

★★★★★HS Awesome hand strap; secure, comfortable, built like a tank.
By Lex J Luthor
“Unlike the other reviews thus far, this has been an amazing hand strap for me and easily outlasted my prior staps. I have primarily used this product with a Canon 60D DSLR combined with either a Canon EF-S 18-200mm or Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM lenses.
(1) The grip is built like a tank and allows for a comfortable secure hold. The strap is made of grippy, thick, wide, heavy duty rubber material; which I like better than the cord and small leather padded ovals construction of most other grips. It also protects your knuckles and hand in case of any bumps or scrapes (hey sh*t happens). Once your hand is in the strap, it is not going anywhere.
(2) It distributes the camera/lens weight extremely well along the hand. During this summer, I used it on multiple on all day nature hikes/shoots around Anchorage, AK attached to my Canon 60D, 18-200mm lens, and battery grip with zero fatigue or strain. I could easily let the camera “hang” off on my hand (without gripping it) while using one finger for leverage to prevent it from swaying. Prior grips have not felt anywhere as comfortable or secure during long usage.
(3) Integrated stand; I am amazed manufacturer does not advertise this point and the price is worth this feature alone. Around the handgrip base/trip pod mount there is a sturdy swing-out square (you can see it in the product picture), which creates a mini-stand to set your camera keeping it off the ground (amazing feature in forests and nature) or changing lenses. It had no issues supporting my 18-200mm lens. In a pinch, this also doubles as a stand for self/group pictures (just put something underneath the front to raise the level), especially if you have a wireless remote.
(4) Integrated tri-pod mount; bottom portion/base of the grip screws directly into the tri-pod socket and doubles as a tri-pod mount.
(5) Easy adjustability; there are 4 mini bolts and nuts securing the rubber strap to the camera attachment point; 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. The bottom has about 10 closely spaced holes that are quick and easy to adjust preferred lengths when I am going to/from my camera grip.”

★★★★★BH: Lets me dance!
By Joe
“So i mainly shoot music festivals and concerts with my 1D 70-200 set up. That set up is heavy! 6lbs minus acccesories hanging from your neck = not much fun. Plus its not like I’m shooting photos every second, I also like to dance to the music. It is awkward dancing with my camera hanging from my neck, so i have to hold it up to dance. That gets real tireing too. I foud the solution in teh EVO belt grip! I just holster my camera like I would a revolver and it holds it in place for me to dance! Just make sure you also tie down the bottom part of the grip if you have a long lens like mine, it’ll prevent it from swaying from the momentum of the camera.”

★★★★Works Just As Advertised
By Kel (pro photographer)
“Simple. Lightweight. Easy to use. And works just as it’s advertised. The camera is held securely with a clip release and an additional turn lock. I used it with my Canon 5D MkIII and a 24-105L lens over the weekend at an event and wouldn’t go back to a neck or shoulder strap. I gave 4 Stars, but I virtually never give 5…
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend”
★★★★★Just what I needed
By ESCAdventure Travels
“The first tool I’ve found that makes carrying my camera ready to use easy and comfortable for a variety of situations. Walking around a racetrack or sporting event, it hangs stablely from my belt. When hiking I hang it from my backpack shoulder strap with the additional travel kit. Several cool little features that make it even better.”
★★★★★High Quality
By smimagery
“I first used this out hiking a few days ago and found that it saved my neck. No more camera swinging around. It seemed that I was not carrying a camera at all. I normally carry my 5D Mark ii with 24-105 lens which gets quite heavy after several hours. With the b-grip, it was almost effortless. Very high quality made in Italy, not China.
Recommended: b-grip hand strap”
★★★★★As Advertised
By Markus
“Everything works just as promised. Haven’t used it with a long lens yet but it makes it very nice to have two cameras at my fingertips without the banging, and the transition to tripod is great.”
★★★★★Works for me
“Love everything about this belt. It’s easy to use and very secure. I feel a bit like I’m carrying a six-shooter.”
★★★★★On the go with your camera
By Rey
“Hiking, on rough terrains at times, is not fun with a camera strapped around your neck. with this product, I can easily and safely carry my big DSLR’s while still having quick access to them.”
By Tango
“Went hiking with the B-Grip works great easy to used I love it .”
★★★★★A good way to carry a big camera
By Cimtimon
“It does solve the problem of carryng your DSLR even with a 70-200 zoom attached.
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend”
★★★★★great product just what I was looking for
By photoguy
“I was tired of hanging myself with the camera strap. This product enables me the freedom to move around and bring the camera up to shoot at seconds notice. Quick release is great to have.”
★★★★★A brilliant idea indeed.
By Satya Jyoti
“Working with holsters is no longer a tedious affair. It is such a delight to use the B-grip. As an architect, photographic documentation is an essential part of my profession and it was always a concern frequenting the camera holster-shoot-holster. Your innovation has made my world significantly easy.”
★★★★★Great Accessory
By John T.
“This product is great! I’ve used it for shooting during my holidays and it worked very well. The camera is stable and doesn’t swing around as it would with a strap.
I was able to shoot, move large equipment and then shoot again just by swinging the grip/camera around out of the way.”